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Country-by-country reporting in MyTax

News, 11/20/2023

Country-by-country reporting on taxation concerns multinational groups whose consolidated turnover is at least €750 million. Country-by-country reporting includes two separate reports: a notification of the reporting entity and a country-by-country report.

So far, it has been possible to submit the report and notification electronically in the service, but the service will end on 29 February 2024. As of November 2023, it has been possible to file the country-by-country report and the notification of the reporting entity in MyTax. You can use either the service or MyTax until the end of February, but we recommend switching to MyTax as soon as possible. In addition, you can use the service to submit the notification and reports as before.

You can also use MyTax to request an extension to the period for filing the notification of the reporting entity. You can request more time for filing if you cannot file the notification before the end of the accounting period to be reported.

Please note that My e-Services will close together with the service on 29 February 2024. If you want to keep the filings you have submitted through, save them on your computer before the service is discontinued.

We have published new instructions for filing in MyTax:

In addition, we have updated the instructions on country-by-country reporting by adding instructions on how to create CSV files.

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