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Tax cards for everyone are in MyTax – your 2022 card is still valid in January

Tax Administration Bulletin, 12/16/2022

We recommend that you check the information stated on your new 2023 card, especially the 'ceiling' values for income. It may be that the card’s amounts of income are too high or too low. In that case, you can log in to MyTax to card send a request for a new card. However, in January 2023, employers and other payors still use the 2022 cards. The 2023 tax card will become effective on 1 February 2023.

Tax cards for 2023 are now available in MyTax. The cards will arrive by letter in early January to individual taxpayers who receive paper mail from the Tax Administration.

The withholding percentage rate on your card is based on income and tax-deduction amounts from 2021. However, if you submitted a request for a new card some time in 2022, the percentage stated on the 2023 tax card is based on the amounts you referred to when you requested the card.

“In general, we make estimates based on the individual taxpayer’s previous earnings. That is where the card’s income ceiling comes from. But if your employment or other circumstances have changed, the estimated income ceiling should be revised because withholding may not be right. We recommend requesting a new card when the taxpayer’s income has changed. That way, you get a realistic income ceiling that you will not exceed and your employer will not apply the higher ‘additional’ percentage on your 2023 income,” notes Heikki Koskela, Senior Adviser at the Tax Administration.

You can adjust the card’s income ceiling later in 2023

Heikki Koskela would like to remind individual taxpayers that the ceiling amount stated on tax cards is intended for 1 February to 31 December 2023, an 11-month period.

“In January, employers and other payors still withhold tax according to the old 2022 tax cards. Because February is the month when the cards for 2023 are first used, the ceiling concerns 11 months from 1 February to 31 December, and it not only covers ordinary wages but also any holiday bonuses, etc. Those who send us a request for a new tax card should remember this,” Heikki Koskela explains.

“For the individual taxpayers who have requested a new card in December, the treatment is different. These newly revised cards are valid already in January, and the income ceilings stated on them are based on the request form completed by the individual taxpayer.”

There are many taxpayers who have difficulties in making an estimate because their future income may vary. If this concerns you, we recommend that you make an estimate based on the knowledge you have now, and log in to MyTax to send a request for a new tax card when you need one.

“You can request a new tax card multiple times a year. This is a good way to solve the problem. Many people have incomes that may vary, so they must re-estimate their income later during the year,” says Heikki Koskela.

In addition to the income figures, we also recommend that you update your tax-deductible expenses when you send a request for a new card.

Tax cards for nearly 1.4 million wage earners are sent to employers automatically – ask your employer company whether they receive the cards online

Paper tax cards arrive to individual taxpayers by post as the Tax Administration sends them out during the first two weeks of January.

Heikki Koskela would like to remind all wage earners that they must deliver their card to their employer or other payor unless an automatic connection is established between the employer and the Tax Administration for receiving tax-card information online.

“Many employers have agreed with the Tax Administration that the cards for everyone who works there are received online. However, every employer is expected to inform everyone about whether they have the online connection or not. Large payors such as pension insurance companies and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) receive tax cards online. But when newly retired individuals are receiving pensions for the first time, they should take the initiative and make sure that their tax card is delivered to the payor of retirement income.”

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