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Kajaani office

Addresses, telephones

  • Visiting address

    Lönnrotinkatu 2 C, Kajaani
  • National switchboard

    +358 29 512 000
  • Fax

    +358 29 512 6109

Opening hours

  • Opening hours

    Tue-Wed at 9:00–12:00
  • Summer opening hours

    Tuesdays at 9:00–12:00


Make an appointment in MyTax

No appointments can be made to the office for the period 1 June–30 September 2022.

If you cannot log in to MyTax, make an appointment by calling 029 512 000.

  • Send the completed forms and other documents by post, if possible. See the postal addresses.
  • The Tax Office has no mailbox for dropping off documents outside opening hours.
  • We do not register authorisations in the tax office. However, identification for authorisations is possible for companies and organisations. You can also deliver requests and documents related to authorisations to us, and we will forward them to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency for processing.

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