Transfer tax form (6012e)

This form is for reporting the transfer tax in a transfer of shares, other securities or a building. The form should be filled in by the buyer or other beneficiary in the transfer.

You are required to use the paper form in the following situations:

  • purchase of shares other than those of a housing company or a real estate company (“corporate stock”, i.e. shares in a limited-liability company)
  • purchase of a first dwelling which will not entirely be used for permanent living
  • purchase of the building only
  • purchase of a part-ownership dwelling
  • exchange deal.

Submit the form online

Report the price of shares of a housing company or real estate company, as well as the amount of transfer tax paid on them, or report a first-time homebuyer’s purchase. The form can be submitted by the real estate agent or, if the sale was carried out without the assistance of an estate agent, by the buyer.

If the sale was conducted independently, pay the transfer tax first and submit the form afterwards.

You will need the following information to fill in the form:

  • the contract of purchase or other contract

Business ID of the housing company or real estate company

  • personal identity code or Business ID of each seller or buyer, because all of their information must be included in the same form
  • a letter from the builder-developer stating the construction’s completion date or a receipt of the payment of the final instalment, if the building in question is a new construction.

You may also need the building manager’s certificate to see details such as the amount of company loan.

Submit transfer tax form (form on available in Finnish and Swedish only)

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  2. Fill in and submit the form
    • See Instructions for filling out the form (available in Finnish and Swedish only)
    • Submit the form once you have filled in all the necessary details. If you need to make changes to the information you have given or remove a form you have already sent, please call the Tax Administration service number 029 497 022 (standard call rates).
    • You can also save the form as unfinished and continue working on it later. You can access saved and submitted forms in My e-Services ( Saved forms will remain available for two years.
  3. Print
    • After you have submitted the form, save or print out the page showing the Tax Administration’s acknowledgement of receipt.

Submitting the form on paper

  1. Download and fill in the form
    • Instructions are included with the form.
  2. Print out and fill in the form, submit it by post

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