How to respond to information requests in MyTax

  1. If you have received a request for information, you can see it under "Note". This link will take you to the "Request for information" tab, where you can find all your unanswered and processed requests for information.

  2. Click "Respond" on the request for information you wish to respond to.

  3. Write your response in the field. Please note that you will not receive a reply to questions or other messages sent here.

    Here you can also read the information request again, above the response field.

  4. You can add attachments to your response by clicking "Add file". However, attachments are not mandatory.

  5. Send your response once it is complete. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt once your response has been submitted.

    After you have responded to an information request, its link under "Note" will be removed. You can see your response on the "Request for information" and "Finished actions" tab.