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How to respond to information requests in MyTax

You can give either a free-format or a fixed-format response to information requests in MyTax. Giving a fixed-format response means that you add details to a return or an application you have submitted earlier. The service gives you the correct option automatically.

Go to MyTax and log in (opens in a new window)

  1. If you have received an information request, you can see it in your tasks in MyTax. Select the Tasks tab.

    You can respond to the information request by clicking the Open an information request link under Respond to an information request.

  2. All your unanswered and processed information requests are listed on the Responses page.

    You will see either the option Respond or Add details next to the information request.

    • If you click Respond, you can give a free-format response.
    • If you click Add details, you can give a fixed-format response.

    If the information request you received concerns the sale of a share in a housing company or the sale of a real estate unit or other property, you must give a fixed-format response.

  3. Free-format response:

    Write your response in the field that opens. If you need to read the information request again, you can find it above the response field.

    You can add attachments to your response by clicking the Add file button. However, attachments are not mandatory.

  4. Fixed-format response:

    Check the entire return and add the details requested in the information request. Do not attach any receipts or free-form clarifications to the response.

  5. Finally, go to Preview and send. Check the information and click Send.