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Tax percentage calculator

Use calculator to estimate whether you need a change in your withholding tax percentage rate.

Interest calculator
You can use calculator to determine the late-payment charges that are imposed for different taxes if you pay them late.

Calculator for duty on alcohol

This calculator give you an estimate of the excise duties you must pay on alcohol and beverage containers.

Tax at source calculator

Gross income calculator 

You can use calculator if your employer is based in another country and you have agreed with them that you will be paid a net amount.

Gift tax calculator

If the gift was received 1 January 2017 or later, you can figure out the gift tax with the calculator.

Transfer tax calculator

You can use the transfer tax calculator to make preliminary calculations of how much transfer tax you will have to pay. 

Inheritance tax calculator

This calculator can be used if the deceased person passed away on 1 January 2017 or after that.

Credit calculator for foreign tax at source

You can use the credit calculator for foreign tax at source to determine the amount of creditable tax starting from tax year 2017. You can use this calculator when you have received dividends, interest income, royalties or business income from a permanent establishment from outside Finland.

Car benefit calculator

You can use this calculator to determine the taxable value of a passenger car or van you have been given by your employer as a fringe benefit for your private use in Finland.

Calculator for additional prepayments

This calculator helps you estimate how much more advance tax your corporate entity must pay before you submit a request and pay the Tax Administration an additional prepayment (this can be done after the corporate entity’s tax year has ended).