Observation form for stakeholders

Use this form to report testing observations and technical problems and errors encountered during stakeholder testing. Describe what happened and what should have happened.

If you have questions or want to contact us about other stakeholder testing related matters, please use
the contact form provided for stakeholder testing.

If you want to contact us about matters that do not relate to stakeholder testing, you can find our contact information on the Contact information page.

Do not enter any personal data on the form. We recommend that you report your organisation's Business ID and artificial Business ID used in testing. This will help us investigate the observation and speed up the process.

You will receive an email confirmation indicating that the form has been submitted successfully.

As you give contact information, it indicates that you accept that we use it as controlled by our privacy statement: Record of personal data processing in the Positive credit register and in customer service.

Page last updated 3/4/2024