Deployment of the Incomes Register

The Incomes Register will be introduced in phases.

1. Wages: wages paid on 1 January 2019 and later will be reported to the Incomes Register

2. Benefits: pensions and benefits paid on 1 January 2021 and later will be reported to the Incomes Register

  • Interface descriptions will be published in summer 2018.
  • Expanded testing will be performed in 2019.

3. The Incomes Register e-service opened to income earners 1 January 2019.

Things to note
- No data from the period before 2019 will be transferred to the Incomes Register.
- There will be no euro amount limits for reporting; all income must be reported.
- Deployments will apply to all data providers at once, without transition periods.
- Reporting and viewing data via the Incomes Register's e-service will require authentication.
- Use of the technical interface requires a certificate.

Data submitting channels

Data can be reported via the technical interface; the e-service using either the upload/download service or the online form; or on a paper form for special reasons.

Business validations of data users

The Tax Administration in cooperation with other data users publishes business validations not included in the earnings payment report schema of the Incomes Register. Implementation of business validations is not mandatory for IT developers who are implementing reports to be delivered to the Incomes Register.

Implemented in payroll administration software, validations ensure that data users can use the information submitted to the Incomes Register as such.

More information on the business validations is available on the Tax Administration's website for IT developers (