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Request for a statement for registration of title and other legal confirmation (6020e)

Complete this form if you need to get a statement in order to have a transfer of title, a transfer of lease rights or a transfer of other special rights registered by the authorities. You can request a statement if a transfer tax must be paid and reported on a tax return. You can also request a statement on how much tax must be paid and on how much the fair market value is on property. You may need this e.g. for an Exchange of property deal.

Statements are not given until after the contract has been finalised and signed. Each buyer must make a separate request for a statement.

eFile in MyTax

If you opt for sending us the paper form, please first fill in the form on a computer, then print it. Remember to sign it. Send the completed form with attachments to:

Tax Administration
P.O. Box 700
FI-00052 VERO

You can also return the form to any tax office.

Page last updated 11/1/2019