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Notification of mailing address (3817e)

If you have your permanent home in Finland, its address is recorded in the Tax Administration database, so there is no need to inform us of it. The Tax Administration receives information on permanent home addresses directly from Population Register Centre. 

If you want your tax mail at another address, use this form to inform the Tax Administration of the address. Let the Tax Administration know your mailing address if you

  • move to a sheltered home or a retirement home
  • move abroad temporarily
  • move to Finland temporarily
  • live abroad but you have property in Finland (including real estate or an apartment)
  • for any other reason wish to receive your tax mail at another address.

Authorize this form with your signature and send it to:
Finnish Tax Administration
Customer Data Management
P.O. Box 550
FI-00052 VERO

You can also deliver it to any tax office.

Page last updated 9/10/2020