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Claim for adjustment of advance taxes, prepayments (5002e)

You can use this form to submit a claim for adjustment of preassessment after you have requested and received an appealable decision from the Tax Administration. Before you file the claim, check the instructions on the page Making a claim for adjustment against a decision on tax prepayments.

You can file the claim for adjustment in MyTax, on a paper form or by submitting a free-form written request.

Go to MyTax

If you file a claim for adjustment on paper, open the form at the end of the page.

If you file a free-form claim for adjustment, make sure to state

  • the appellant’s name and personal ID
  • the tax year that the claim for adjustment concerns
  • the decision to be adjusted
  • the sections of the decision that the claim concerns and how you think they should be adjusted
  • the grounds for claiming adjustment.

Enclose photocopies of the documents you refer to unless you have already submitted them to the Tax Administration.

If you want us to send the decision to your authorised representative, please say so in your claim for adjustment and enter the representative’s address as the address for correspondence.

Send the claim for adjustment to:
Finnish Tax Administration
P.O. Box 650
FI-00052 VERO

Alternatively, you can deliver the claim to a local tax office. Check the contact details of local tax offices

Page last updated 2/15/2023