Claim for adjustment of advance taxes, prepayments (5002e)

The recommended way to ask for changes is to log in to MyTax — for having your current tax card changed, your prepayments changed, or your tax-at-source card changed. You can also contact our customer service.

If the Tax Administration rejects your claim for deductions or your other type of claim regarding the advance taxes, and you are not satisfied with the grounds presented, you can submit a Claim for adjustment of advance taxes, prepayments (Form 5002e, this form) to the Adjustment Board.

In order to submit a claim for adjustment, you must first ask the Tax Administration to issue an appealable decision letter.

Claims for adjustment can also be submitted on the Web instead of the paper form.

A claim for adjustment in MyTax

If you opt for paper filing, find the return address on the first page of the form. If you have an agent handling your taxes and you wish to have the decision letter sent to him or her, please indicate this on your claim and give the agent's address as appropriate.

Page last updated 6/2/2021