Application for Refund of Finnish Withholding Tax - Foreign Corporations and Organisations (6163e, 6167e and 6165e)

These forms are for the use of foreign corporations and organisations that are applying for a refund of Finnish withholding tax on dividends or other income. Use form 6163e, if the tax has been withheld from dividend, interest or royalty payments. Form 6165e should be used for any other form of income.

Note. These forms should not be used by any applicant that has a permanent establishment in Finland.

Send completed form to:

Finnish Tax Administration - Verohallinto
PO Box 560
FI-00052 VERO

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Applications forms for refunds of tax at source redesigned (14 June 2017)

Developments in Applying for Refund of Finnish Withholding Tax on Dividends, Interest, and Royalties (13 June 2017)