Appeal against a Decision on refunds of tax at source (6168e)

This form is for requesting a change to a Decision on refunds of tax at source. Changes must be requested by a written form.

Send the completed appeal form to:
Finnish Tax Administration - Verohallinto
Claims for adjustment
P.O. Box 650
FI-00052 VERO

You can also return the form to any tax office.

If you have an agent handling your taxes and you wish to have the decision sent to him or her, please indicate this on your request and give the agent's address as appropriate. 

How to complete the form  

Details of the right to sign for the applicant

Tick the "By letter of authorisation" box if the applicant has given a Power of Attorney to someone.  Enclose the power of attorney. Tick the "By proper right to sign for the applicant" if the individual who signs the application form is entered in the files of a Trade Register (or similar) as one who has the right to sign for the company. Enter his or her position or job title in the next column.