Scam messages have been sent out in the Tax Administration’s name. Read more about scams.

Reporting suspected tax evasion

Fill in this electronic form to let us know about your suspicion of a tax non-compliance of some kind. This form enables you to give us the information anonymously. We don't trace the identity of the sender.

If you are having suspicions about someone’s non-compliance with Finnish car taxes, select “Other dishonesty” and use the Additional Information field to describe what you have observed. In car-tax issues it is also useful if you indicate the make, model and registration plate of the motor vehicle. Describe how you made your observations.

Under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, the Tax Administration must inform the taxpayer concerned of the contents of a received report or message about suspected tax evasion. This requires that either the taxpayer or another concerned party asks to be informed. However, we cannot give information to you on how we have followed up on your message because that information is confidential and you are not regarded as a concerned party in the matter.

Read more about the Tax evasion report form.

An asterisk (*) denotes mandatory information. You receive an acknowledgement of receipt after successful electronic transmission of this form.

What connection does the matter have with taxation?

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Name of taxpayer concerned (Company or Individual)?

Are other people involved?

This field is for giving us details about someone you have met in business, an employee, contracting partner or anyone else who, in reality, works for the company. Fill in the free-text field to let us know of other people or companies that are involved.

Where is the business being operated?

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How important is this case?

This field is for giving us an estimate of how much money is involved and how long the dishonesty has been going on?

How do you know about it?

What evidence is available?

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