About positivecreditregister.fi

When you use the Positive credit register's website, you remain anonymous. We do not collect user data that would allow us to identify any users later.

The Positive credit register's official communication channels are the website and Twitter.

This website was published on 18 June 2021.

How we use cookies

The positivecreditregister.fi website uses cookies. We collect information on how the site is used while protecting our users’ privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small sets of data saved in the user's computer. They help us improve the usability of positivecreditregister.fi, and in addition, they allow us to offer more tailored information content to our stakeholders.

What information is collected?

Our website uses the Piwik Pro software for analytics and statistics. It uses cookies for its data collection. The information is only used by the Tax Administration and it will not be disclosed to external parties.

We collect information on how the users use the site, including:

  • the number of users for the entire site and for specific pages within the site
  • the average length of page views
  • the browsers and operating systems used
  • the frequency of various keywords
  • the previous site where the user had visited before going to positivecreditregister.fi

The purpose of our data collection is to analyse user numbers, the variations in how interesting the content of the site seems to be for the users, and the ways they use the site during their visits, as well as to generally improve our site.

Can users be identified?

We do not collect the type of user information in Piwik Pro that would make it possible to identify a user. In addition, we do not connect positivecreditregister.fi user information to any information stored from your logins to the Tax Administration's e-services or other personal information that may be otherwise processed by the Tax Administration.

Can I reject the cookies?

If you do not accept cookies, you can change the settings of your web browser to reject cookies. Go to the Settings window of your browser and enable “Do not track”. Please read the instructions on commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.


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