Identification in the Incomes Register as a data user

Using the Incomes Register requires electronic identification. The various transaction channels in the Incomes Register require different forms of identification. The Incomes Register has two transaction channels:

  • technical interface
  • e-service

Identification in the technical interface

Users of the Incomes Register's technical interfaces identify by using the Incomes Register's certificate service. The solution is based on digital certificates (Public Key Infrastructure). A certificate is issued to an organisation that submits data to the Incomes Register (Data provider) or that has the right to receive data from the Incomes Register (Data user). If an organisation acts as both a data provider and a data user, it will require separate certificates for both functions.

In the technical interface, an Incomes Register user does not need to identify themselves personally using, for example, their online banking codes.

A certificate is issued to a company or an organisation using the data.

The certificate is valid for two years, after which it must be renewed.

Do as follows

  • Consult the supplier of your customer payment or other software on how to apply for a certificate for the system. Agree on the necessary measures.
  • Submit a report concerning the use of the technical interface using the user organisation's form 'Report by the Incomes Register data user for data permission purposes', and accept the certificate's terms and conditions of use. The implementation of the data permission triggers a certificate subscription.
  • Retrieve the certificate yourself or in co-operation with your system supplier.

You can then start using the Incomes Register's technical interface.

Identification in the e-service as a data user

You will be able to sign in to the Incomes Register's e-service from the page. The e-service requires identification with online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. Certificate cards include microchip identity cards, organisation cards and ID cards for regulated healthcare professionals and non-clinical healthcare sector staff.

You can act in the e-service as a data user only if you have been granted an authorisation by the data user's Master User for the data user role.

Page last updated 9/1/2021