Request for inspection of personal data

With the form Request for inspection of personal data (TULOR 6114e), you can request access to your own personal data in accordance with Article 15 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

With request for inspection of personal data you will have a report on your data that is saved in the Incomes Information System. Such data includes, for example, your name, personal identity code, address, telephone number and email address, possible memo data, earnings and benefits payment report data, and data stored in the document archive.

Fill in the form. Enter the calendar year from which you request data in the text field Further information on requests for personal data. Sign the form before submitting it. Enter also the date.

The Incomes Register will send the data to the customer's address as listed in the Population Information System. Before sending the data, the Incomes Register verifies the customer's identity and, if necessary, requests additional information. 

The form will be processed by the deadline defined in Article 12 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, that is, within a month of receiving the request. 

The Incomes Register extract shows your own income data

If you only need information on payments made to you, you can order an Incomes Register extract through the Incomes Register e-service. It will be available to you immediately in PDF format.

The Incomes Register extract contains income data reported by payers. With the extract, you can check what income data has been reported for you.

Incomes Register’s forms and further information

Request for for inspection of personal data (TULOR 6114e), (pdf)

Further information on data security and the processing of personal data

Page last updated 1/18/2023