Incomes Register's information security certificate

The information security of the Tax Administration's Incomes Register Unit was issued an information security certificate in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 on 22 August 2019. The certificate shows that the Incomes Register's operating model controls the management of information security comprehensively.

The Incomes Register contains comprehensive income and personal data. At the moment, paid wages are reported to the Incomes Register and, in the future, pension and benefits income will also be reported. The information security management system ensures that the Incomes Register data remains reliably intact and available for those who need it. In addition, it ensures that no data is lost and prevents the data from falling into the wrong hands. The ISO/IEC 27001 standard considers security comprehensively from different perspectives.

For more information on the ISO/IEC 27001 certification of information security (in Finnish), visit the Kiwa Inspecta website.