Some 55 million earnings payment reports and 61 million benefits payment reports were submitted to the Incomes Register in 2022


The Incomes Register received a total of 55 million earnings payment reports, 2 million employer’s separate reports and 61 million benefits payment reports last year. The number of earnings payment reports increased by 5 million and the number of benefits payment reports decreased by 3 million compared to the previous year.

In terms of punctuality, 90.2% of earnings payment data and 99.9% of benefits and pension payment data were reported within the five-day deadline. Compared to last year, punctuality improved for benefits and pensions, whereas earnings payment data was reported slightly less punctually.

Earnings payment data was reported by 270,000 payers and benefits were reported by almost 700 payers. By the end of 2022, the Incomes Register contained earnings payment data regarding of 3 million individuals and benefits payment data regarding of 3.6 million individuals.

Almost 800 million reports were distributed in real time

Last year, the Incomes Register shared 791 million reports with 380 organisations.

When the new data users that started at the turn of the year are counted in, some 400 organisations from 26 different sectors utilise the Incomes Register in their decision-making.

Incomes Register services 2021–2022 in numbers

Number of phone calls and chat conversations decreased

Last year, we answered almost 15,000 phone calls and had over 10,000 chat conversations. The number of phone calls decreased by almost 50% compared to the previous year (29,000 calls in 2021). The number of chat conversations decreased as well (17,000 chat conversations in 2021).

However, the level of customer satisfaction remained unchanged: API users are still the most satisfied with the Incomes Register.

Website activity remained unchanged

We publish up-to-date instructions on how to report data to the Incomes Register at Our website gets over 5 million page views per year.

The website has instructions for typical cases of reporting data to the Incomes Register. See our updated pages concerning:

For those who need examples and more detailed guidance, we have published 18 different detailed instructions for reporting.  

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