Incomes Register in 2023 – positive credit register, changes to personal identity codes, and reassessing our responsibilities as a data controller


The development of the Incomes Register continues in 2023.

Our responsibility for the accuracy of data will be reassessed

Payers are responsible for the accuracy of data reported to the Incomes Register and for correcting errors in them. The Incomes Register Unit is the data controller, but under current legislation, the Unit cannot correct reported data, for example.

We are reassessing this in collaboration with stakeholders in a project that started last autumn. In particular, we will focus on our responsibility as a controller for the accuracy of data and income earners’ right to have incorrect data rectified by the controller.

In the project, we will examine what legislative amendments are required to make the current situation meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We will also assess the viability, costs and schedule of the measures to be implemented. The project will be finished in 2023 and we will separately decide on the measures after its finalisation.

Our customers are heard in small-scale development

We develop the Incomes Register based on feedback from customers. Data submitters that are part of our customer panels and organisations using data can also make development suggestions with change requests. Feedback and change requests are processed in the framework of the Incomes Register’s small-scale development. Read more about our small-scale development processes on the our development pages.

We stay up to date on the content of the future government programme and any legislative amendments being drafted that could affect the Incomes Register. We publish news on changes at least twice each year – at the annual information session for commercial software vendors in May–June and at the open customer event in November–December.

In addition, this year, we are prepared to steer wellbeing services counties in reporting data, support new data users that started using data this year, comply with the follow-up monitoring related to the audit conducted by the National Audit Office of Finland, and examine in collaboration with data user organisations whether the organisations use all the data they receive.

Three development projects underway

This year, Incomes Register development will focus on electronic identities, dependability of the Incomes Register, and the positive credit register.

Changes to electronic identity management

At the end of last year, we enabled the use of the new intermediate characters of Finnish personal identity codes in the Incomes Register. In spring, we will update the Population Information System interface and by 1 September, implement the changes to the Incomes Register required for the remote registration of personal identity codes.

In addition, we will look into making use of a digital wallet and the right of persons with a remotely registered personal identity code to authorise another person to use services on their behalf. We will decide on enabling the use of the new identifier in the Incomes Register in summer 2024 at the earliest.

Ensuring the dependability of the Incomes Register

In this ongoing project, we will update the technical solutions of the centralised register services of the Incomes Register. The new solution is a cloud-based architecture that enables improving the capacity and performance of the register. The aim is that the transfer to the new platform is finalised by 2027.

Positive credit register

The positive credit register is currently being designed. The register will be used to store information on credit issued to private individuals and their income. The data controller of the new register will be the Incomes Register Unit, which is also responsible for the Incomes Register. Signing up as a data submitter for the positive credit register and applying for data permissions will be possible from October 2023. Keep up with the progress of the register by following The positive credit register website.

Page last updated 2/20/2023