Visual aids for presentations and for training

Taxes have a role to play in the lives of most people. This page has booklets, video clips and other visual aids free for downloading for anyone who is preparing a presentation about taxes.

All resources are free for use without restrictions – however, we hope you mention the source where you got them (this site).

Tax treatment of artists' and freelancers's income (11.4.2019)

Tax info for business owners and the self-employed - Changes 2018 (18.3.2019)

Webinar: What is new in tax-at-source on dividends (18.12.2018)

Tax credit for domestic expenses

A presentation on who may receive a tax credit for domestic expenses, what kind of work gives rise to deductible expenses, and what do you have to do when asking for the credit.

The checklist is a summary of the most important factors.

Employees and students arriving to Finland

A presentation on the taxes of people arriving to Finland for work or study. 

Taxation in Finland

The presentation in plain English is intended for a number of target audiences including immigrants and people who prefer a simpler, clarified style due to reading difficulties. The presentation includes a glossary of key terms used when taxes are discussed such as 'pre-completed tax return' and 'tax card'.


With this presentation you can familiarize yourself with different grants and their taxation.