Credit register extract

A credit register extract is a summary of the information about a private individual saved in the Positive credit register. A lender organisation testing a loan applicant’s creditworthiness requests a credit register extract from the register. However, lenders can request an extract only in certain situations prescribed by law.

The use of data recorded in the credit register is described in detail in Sharing information from the Positive credit register.

The credit register extract contains information about a private individual’s loans and income. If the person has set a voluntary ban on credits, this is also indicated on the extract. The income data on the extract, i.e. the amounts of wages, pensions and benefits paid to the individual, have been received from the Incomes Register. The income data is shown on the credit register extract as monthly income for the past 12 months.  

The credit register extract contains the following information:

Identifying data

  • personal identity code of the individual whose information the register extract concerns
  • identifier of the organisation that has requested the extract.

Summary of credit information

  • number of lenders and peer-to-peer loan brokers that have issued or brokered loans to the person
  • number of loan contracts that the person has
  • most recent loan-related payments in total (each loan’s most recent amortization, interest payment or expense amount added together)
  • leasing contracts’ monthly payments in total
  • number of loans where the person is a guarantor.

Loan information

  • loan type: lump-sum loan, running-account loan or leasing
  • date of loan contract
  • number of debtors
  • loan currency
  • an indication of whether a collateral is included in the loan contract; if yes, the type of collateral
  • the start and end dates of the deferments of amortizations, current and future periods
  • due date of an instalment that is overdue by at least 60 days, and the unpaid amount of the instalment
  • loan foreclosure (if any)
  • if the loan type is Leasing:
    • start date of the leasing contract if it is not the same as the date of loan contract
    • final price of the leased asset if redemption is required by the contract
  • if the loan type is Lump-sum loan:
    • loan’s purpose of use
    • final due date of the payment plan
    • loan amounts granted and withdrawn
    • loan balance
    • amortization frequency
    • repayment method if the loan is to be repaid as a lump sum (bullet repayment) or if the last instalment is larger than the regular instalments (balloon repayment)
  • if the loan type is Running-account loan:
    • credit limit
    • amount drawn, and the value date.

Income data and credit ban

The credit register extract indicates the person’s gross and net income for the past 12 months. If the person has set a voluntary ban on credits, the ban and the reason for it are indicated on the extract.

The extract also shows if the person has denied the accuracy of an item of information saved in the register (restriction of processing of personal data under article 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

Page last updated 3/17/2022