Revoking a certificate

Request a certificate to be revoked if

  • the private key of your certificate is misplaced or disclosed to unauthorised parties;
  • you suspect that a private key has been disclosed to an unauthorised party; or
  • the certificate is unnecessary.

The party granting a certificate can revoke it when, for example, the agreement entitling to the use of the service ends or it is apparent that the granted certificate has been misused.

Contact the Incomes Register’s customer service

Our customer service is responsible for revoking the certificates of the Incomes Register and Finnish Tax Administration.

Request the revocation of a certificate by telephone:

Mon–Fri from 9 am to 4 pm

  • Incomes Register’s customer service: +358 29 497 550

Other times

  • Telephone service: +358 9 427 34 834 (only urgent cases in which certificates are at risk)
Page last updated 9/7/2023