Technical interface and certificate

Data providers

If the company wants to use the technical interface for the first time, select "Submit an application for using the technical interface".

If the company wants to add more certificates to a channel which the company is already using, go to "Apply for a new certificate".

If the company wants to use a new channel, submit your application for using the technical interface in  the section "Make a replacement application".

What is an interface?

The technical interface means the integration built between the different systems. As an example, an electronic connection is built between payroll software and the Incomes Register, allowing data to be transferred between the two applications. The organisation using the technical interface will need access rights and a certificate for the interface. Read more about the technical interface

What is a certificate?

A certificate identifies the organisation providing or using data. The certificate is also used to verify the integrity of the data. A company or an accounting firm will need a certificate if it uses payroll administration software with a technical interface between the Incomes Register and the system. Read more about the certificate service

Certificate validity and renewal

The certificate is valid for two years, after which it must be renewed. If the certificate expires, the interface can no longer be used. In this case, the organisation must submit a new application for using the technical interface.

Data users

If a user of the Incomes Register's services acts as both a data provider and data user, the service user must request access rights and certificates for both purposes.

Organisation's valid access rights

If the organisation both provides and uses information, all of its valid access rights and certificates can be viewed on this page.

Page last updated 8/18/2020