Subscriptions made

On the 'Subscriptions made' page, you can browse your Incomes Register subscriptions.

You can search with search terms or references. After searching, you can view an individual subscription by selecting the row of the subscription.

Search terms

First, select a search term from the list and then add more detailed information in the box that appears.

You can remove search terms by clicking X in the top right-hand corner. You can remove all search terms by clicking Clear.

Search time range and time range type are mandatory pieces of information.

Time range

Select the start and end date of your time range from the calendar. The time range can be at most 12 months.

Time range type

Select the time range type:

  • Subscription timestamp: The search results will show the subscriptions you have placed during the given period.
  • Query time:
    • The search results will show one-off subscriptions that have been queried during the specified period, i.e. for which a transcript or record has been generated.
    • In the case of recurrent subscriptions, the ones with the most recent query during the given time range will be displayed.
    • A subscription will be included in the search results even if the query was unsuccessful.

Subscription type

You can limit the search to one-off subscriptions or recurrent subscriptions.

Subscription status

You can limit the search based on the status of your subscription:

  • Valid: The search results will only include subscriptions that are valid.
  • Ended: The search results will only include subscriptions that have been ended or the validity of which has expired.
  • Cancelled: The search results will only include subscriptions that have been cancelled in the Incomes Register.

Subscribed records

You can limit the search to the record type of your choice.


You can also search for subscriptions by using a reference instead of search terms. Select the reference type and provide the reference.

You can search with following references:

  • Subscriber’s primary subscription reference
  • Subscriber's record reference
  • Incomes Register record reference

An Incomes Register record reference is a system reference in the guid format (e.g. 40c5d83b-b2f6-4f4c-8f95-51f9224c7388); the maximum length of the subscriber’s primary subscription reference and the subscriber’s record reference is 40 characters.

Search results

Once you have entered all your search terms, click Search.

You will be taken to a page where you will see the transcript and recordsubscriptions matching your search. The page will show subscriptions placed via the technical interface, the upload service and the e-service.

The subscriptions will be shown based on the most recent query, from most recent to oldest. You can change the order of the subscriptions by clicking on the column headings Subscribed records and transcripts, Subscription type, Latest query, Next query and Status.

You can see the query parameters used in the transcript request by clicking the i button on the request row.

You can download the requested transcript and examine the details of a single subscription on the 'Subscription details' page. Select the row of the subscription you wish to examine. If you request a XML record, retrieve it through the API.

The transcript can be generated in Finnish, Swedish or English. You can no longer change the language once the transcript has been generated. For a transcript in another language, you must make a new request.

Subscription details

If you request a transcript in PDF or CSV format, download the transcript by selecting Download the transcript on the page 'Subscription details'.

You can save a complete file on your computer, or you can print it by pressing CTRL + P. The transcript will remain on the page 'Subscription details'. for three months from the date it was generated.

On the page, you can also cancel or terminate subscriptions.

You will see the technical details of your subscription at the top of the page.

Under Record type, you will see the subscription or record.

Under Subscription status, you will see whether the subscription has been queried. If the subscription has not been queried yet, the status is “Not queried”.

If the transcript request has been queried, you will be able to download the generated transcript by clicking Download the transcript. If the query has failed, you can request a new subscription on the New subscription page.

You can cancel a subscription if it is not yet being queried by choosing Cancel.

If you wish to terminate a recurrent subscription that has already been queried, you can terminate it by editing the end date.

Downloading and merging split zip files

If the size of a CSV transcript is more than 100 MB, it can only be downloaded in a compressed file format. The file is split into several zip files that must all be downloaded and merged before the file can be extracted. Zip files can be merged with commercial file compression software or with 7-Zip, which is free to use. If the file is split, the zip files are shown numbered as a column under ‘Query status’.

  1. Download all the related zip files from the e-service to your device.
    • Each downloaded file ends with a number indicating its place in the file sequence: <file_name>.zip.001, <file_name>.zip.002, <file_name>.zip.003 etc.
  2. Move all the split zip files into the same folder.
  3.  Start 7-Zip.
  4. Use the File Manager function in 7-Zip to navigate to the folder where you saved the split zip files.
  5. Right click the file named ‘<file_name>.zip.001’ and choose ‘Combine files...’ from the menu that opens.
  6. The merged zip file is created in the same folder where you saved the split zip files.
  7. Extract the merged zip file as normal.

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