Subscriptions made

On the 'Subscriptions made' page, you can browse your subscriptions.

Subscribed records and transcripts

The transcript requests submitted via the technical interface, upload service and e-service, as well as the record subscriptions submitted via the interface and upload service are listed in the section Subscribed records and transcripts. In this section, you can see all the subscriptions made and pending subscriptions. 

You can sort the subscriptions by selecting Subscribed records and transcripts, Subscription type, Latest query, Next query, or Status.

You can download the requested transcript and examine the details of a single subscription on the Subscription details page. Select the row of the subscription you wish to examine.

Subscription details

On the page Subscription details, you can download requested transcripts and cancel or terminate subscriptions.

You can cancel a subscription if it is not yet being queried.

If you wish to terminate a recurrent subscription that has already been queried, you can terminate it by editing the end date.

In the section Record type, you can see the subscription made. In the section Query status, you can see whether the subscription has been queried. If the subscription has not yet been queried, the query status is 'Not queried'. If the transcript request has been queried, you can download the generated transcript by clicking Download the transcript.

Generating the requested transcript can take a few minutes.

On the Subscription details page, you can only download transcripts in PDF and CSV formats. Transcripts in XML format are retrieved via the technical interface.

The transcript will be in the language selected for the company or organisation in the Business Information System (Finnish, Swedish or English). The language selection in the e-service only applies to the user interface.