Personal income data

You may view data reported by your employer and others who have made payments to you in the Incomes Register's e-service. In the Incomes Register you can view all wages, fees, fringe benefits and other earned income, such as reimbursements of expenses, paid to you after 1 January 2019 and pensions and benefits payment data from January 2021.

The payer must report all data to the Incomes Register within five calendar days from the payment date.

Example: Your payday is 15 January; the data will be viewable in the Incomes Register by 20 January.

Generally, data can be viewed in the Incomes Register within five calendar days of the payment date. If the data is not available in the Incomes Register, check with your employer or other payer whether they have reported the data. If the payer is a household, the data will become available later. Households may report the data by the fifth day of the calendar month following the date of payment. The Incomes Register Unit cannot add data in the Incomes Register; instead, the payer is always responsible for reporting.

Erroneous data

If you notice an error in the data, ask the payer to correct it. The law stipulates that the Incomes Register Unit may not make the correction, but it is the payer’s duty. It is important that the data in the Incomes Register is correct because it is used by the Tax Administration, pension providers and Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) in making various decisions. If the payer is no longer available or they do not correct your data when asked to, you must report the correct data to the Tax Administration or the benefit payer yourself.

Personal income data

On the Personal income data page you can see a summary of the income paid to you during the current year. You can change the calendar year by clicking the year buttons.

  • Reports: Earnings payment reports submitted by employers and other payers benefits payment reports
    • Examine a report by selecting a row.
  • Absences: reports containing absences and reports containing the information that no absences occurred
    • Select Absences and view reported absences. Absences include time spent away from work such as parental leave and military refresher training.
    • Reporting absence information is voluntary for the employer, so all absences may not be visible in the Incomes Register.

The page will also display the wages and benefits as well as deductions made from them reported by payers, arranged by income type. You can browse the information by selecting a row. On the page Wage income types, you can see what income is reported with which income type.

The payslip and Incomes Register data may differ

Please note that the data groups on the payslip provided by your employer may differ from the Incomes Register income types. The payslip displays the pay types used by your employer. The Incomes Register data is reported using the Incomes Register income types. Learn more about the income types and their contents.