Company’s income data

You can browse the reports submitted by payers where the income earner is an organisation that you represent. Such income includes, for example, non-wage compensation for work and compensation for use.

Non-wage compensations for work paid to a company are reported to the Incomes Register if the company is not registered in the prepayment register. In the case of non-wage compensation, the share of work included in the invoice is reported without VAT. Reimbursements of expenses related to non-wage compensation for work are included in the income type Non-wage compensation for work.

As a rule, the payer must report the data to the Incomes Register within five calendar days after the payment date.

Example: The principal paid the invoice on 1 January. The data will be available in the Incomes Register by 6 January.

If the data is not available in the Incomes Register

  • Check whether the company you represent is registered in the prepayment register. If the company is registered in the prepayment register, the data need not be reported to the Incomes Register.
  • Ask the payer if the data has been reported to the Incomes Register.
  • Is the payer a household? Households can report data by the fifth day of the following calendar month.

The Incomes Register Unit cannot enter data in the Incomes Register; the payer is always obliged to report the data.

There is an error in the data

If you detect an error in the data, please ask the payer to correct the data. By law, the Incomes Register Unit may not correct any data; the payer must make the corrections. It is important that the information in the Incomes Register is correct, as the Tax Administration, earnings-related pension providers and Kela, for example, use the data when making various decisions.

Company’s income data

On the Company’s income data page, you can view a summary of the payments made to the company during the current year. You can change the calendar year by clicking the year buttons.

The page displays the following reports or data:

  • Reports: the number of reports submitted by different payers
  • data reported by payers on income paid to the company and any deductions made from it, arranged by income type.

Browse data

  1. You can view the data on reports or different income types by selecting the row with the data that you wish to examine.
  2. A report list will open showing the earnings payment reports included in the group. You can group the reports according to payment date or view the data submitted by a specific payer or concerning a specific income type.
  3. Select the desired report from the list.

The Incomes Register concerns the payer's reporting obligation only

Note that income paid to your company must be entered in the accounting records and reported in a business tax return even if the payer has reported it to the Incomes Register.

Page last updated 4/2/2020