Basic details

The basic details show the address the Incomes Register uses. When you submit new earnings payment reports, employer’s separate reports or benefits payment reports in the e-service, the address will be pre-completed in the payer’s details. The address pre-completed on a report can be edited before submitting the report.

The Incomes Register’s letters will also be sent to this address. If you use the Messages service, you will receive messages from the Incomes Register in electronic format. Note however that if you submit a report using a paper form and the report is incomplete, the itemisation of the errors in the report will always be sent by post.

Address of a private individual and organisation

When you use the Incomes Register’s e-service on behalf of an organisation, you can see the organisation’s address, which the Incomes Register usually obtains from the Business Information System. When you use the e-service as a private individual, the address is usually obtained from the Population Information System.
If the Incomes Register has not obtained data from these registers, e.g. you do not or the company you represent does not have a Finnish identifier, the Incomes Register can also use the address you have previously provided on a paper form, for example. The address can also be saved by a staff member.

Add an address

You can add a new address to the Incomes Register by selecting Add address. Once you have saved the address, the Incomes Register will only use the address you have added for pre-completing reports and sending letters. The previous address will still be shown on the basic details page, but the Incomes Register will no longer use it. You can reactivate this address later.

If you add an address to an organisation’s details, it will be displayed to everyone who uses the Incomes Register on the organisation’s behalf. The address will be pre-completed on all reports submitted for the organisation.

You can add a c/o specifier to an address by entering it in the same field as the street address or P.O. Box. The maximum number of characters in the field is 100.
If you use the Incomes Register based on an authorisation that only allows you to view data, you cannot add addresses.

Edit an address

You can edit an address you have saved in the e-service at any time by selecting Edit address. You can also remove an address. Your changes will enter into force with immediate effect. However, address details will not be updated on previously submitted reports.

An address obtained from the Incomes Register’s data cannot be edited or removed. If it is incorrect, it must be corrected in the source system. If the source system is the Business Information System, contact the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. If the Population Information System is the source, contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. In all other situations, contact the Incomes Register.

If you use the Incomes Register based on an authorisation that only allows you to view data, you cannot change addresses.


Page last updated 2/16/2023