Request a summary of payer’s earnings payment data by post

Companies can only request a transcript using a paper form if they cannot submit a request in the e-service.

The transcript will be mailed to the address specified for the company or organisation in the Incomes Register’s customer information. Usually this address is obtained from the Business Information System.

Transcript request, payer (TULOR 6109e)

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Transcript request, payer

The transcript  600 Summary of payer’s earnings payment data contains sum data of the earnings payment reports and employer’s separate reports submitted by the payer for the period specified in the request.

For more detailed information on the Incomes Register transcripts, please read the following instruction: Transcripts and records

Enter the following information in the payer’s transcript request

1. Payer

Enter the payer’s identifier on row A or B, depending on the type of the identifier. The data is mandatory if the payer has an identifier.

A) If the payer has a Finnish business ID or personal identity code, enter the identifier on row A.

Example:  Business ID 0123456-2, Personal identity code 101010-101A

B) If the payer does not have a Finnish identifier, enter a foreign identifier on row B and  fill in the identifier country code. If the payer has no identifier, leave identifier field empty. Fill in the rest of the payer details on row B.

Select the type of identifier. If the payer has no identifier, select ‘Payer has no identifier’ as the type of identifier.


  • The payer has a foreign identifier: Fill in the payer’s identifier, type of identifier and identifier country code. You must also enter the name of the company or the person’s name and date of birth.
  • The payer has no identifier: Fill in the name of the company or the person’s name and date of birth. Select ‘Payer has no identifier’ as the type of identifier.

Fill in the payer’s address details if the payer has a foreign address or does not have a Finnish identifier. Enter either a street address or a P.O. Box. You must also enter the country code if the income earner has a foreign address.

Examples of country codes: Finland = FI, Sweden = SE, Norway = NO, Estonia = EE, Russia = RU.  The most common country codes are listed at the end of these instructions. If the country code is not on the list, enter the name of the country.

2. Request details

Enter the time period for which you want the transcript (in calendar months). The period may be 1 to 24 calendar months. The start month can be January 2019 at the earliest.

Also select the transcript language (Finnish, Swedish or English).


  • If the payer requests the transcript for the entire year 2019, the time period is 012019–122019.
  • If the payer requests the transcript for February 2020, the time period is 022020-022020.

3. Date and signature

Sign the form before submitting it. Enter also the date and your telephone number.

Return address

Send the form to the address:

Incomes Register
PO Box 1

Country codes

Most commonly used country codes.

Most commonly used country codes
AE United Arab Emirates AL Albania AM Armenia
AR Argentina AT Austria AU Australia
AZ Azerbaijan BA Bosnia and Herzegovina BB Barbados
BE Belgium BG Bulgaria BM Bermuda
BR Brazil BY Belarus CA Canada
CH Switzerland CN China CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic DE Germany DK Denmark
EE Estonia EG Egypt ES Spain
FI Finland FR France GB Great Britain
GE Georgia GG Guernsey GR Greece
HK Hong Kong HR Croatia HU Hungary
ID Indonesia IE Ireland IL Israel
IM Isle of Man IN India IS Iceland
IT Italy JE Jersey JP Japan
KG Kyrgyzstan KR Republic of Korea KY Cayman Islands
KZ Kazakhstan LK Sri Lanka LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg LV Latvia MA Morocco
MD Moldova ME Montenegro MK Macedonia
MT Malta MX Mexico MY Malaysia
NL Netherlands NO Norway NZ New Zealand
PH Philippines PK Pakistan PL Poland
RO Romania RS Serbia RU Russia
SE Sweden SG Singapore SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia TH Thailand TJ Tadzhikistan
TM Turkmenistan TR Turkey TZ Tanzania
UA Ukraine US United States UY Uruguay
UZ Uzbekistan VG British Virgin Islands VN Vietnam
ZA South Africa ZM Zambia  
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