You can now filter the transcript and record search in the e-service


The Incomes Register has added two ways to search for transcript and record subscriptions on the ‘Subscriptions made’ page. From now on, you can filter your search using search terms or a reference.

The search works similarly for data submitters and data users.

Search using search terms or a reference

In the search terms, the time range is the only mandatory search term. You can select the subscription timestamp or the query date and time when the transcript or record was generated.

You can also specify your search by defining:

  • Subscription type: not defined, recurrent subscription or one-off subscription
  • Subscription status: valid, ended or cancelled
  • Records subscribed to: transcript or record number

If you search for a subscribed transcript or record using a reference, select the reference type and enter the reference in the search field.

Search view for subscriptions made, with search terms or search by reference as options.

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Page last updated 5/4/2022