How to report wage income and other payments easily in the e-service


In the Incomes Register’s e-service, you can submit a single report using the web form or upload several reports at the same time using the upload service.

Read the instructions for using the e-service and sign in to the service

Once you have signed in to the e-service and selected your role, you can open web forms in the menu. Submit data on wages and other payments using the earnings payment report and on the employer’s health insurance contribution using the employer’s separate report.

If you want to use a previous report as a template, select the “Submitted reports” page. Search for the report you need, open it, and select “Use as a template”.

I am submitting data on wages and other payments using a new report

Start reporting by selecting the earnings payment report.

  • The payer’s basic information has been pre-completed on the report.
  • You must enter the rest of the data yourself.
  • Start by entering the payment date and pay period. Next, you can navigate freely between different report pages.
  • As you cannot save the report, remember to submit it.

Enter all data in detail because the data you have submitted will be transmitted unmodified to data users. Based on the Incomes Register’s data, income earners are provided with benefits or insurance indemnities, for example.

I want to use a previously submitted report as a template for a new report

Search for a previous report under “Submitted reports”.

You can search for reports using search terms or references.

  • Select a search term in the list and enter information in the window that opens.
  • Mandatory search terms include the time range and the type of time range, e.g. payment or reporting date. The default time range is 30 days preceding the current date.
  • You can specify your search by entering other search terms.

In the search results, you can see a summary of reports within the given time range. You can view the reports based on their type or the income type, for example. The search results include all reports submitted through the reporting channels – the technical interface, upload service and e-service – as well as reports submitted on paper forms.

Once you have found the previous report you were looking for, open it.

  • Select “Use as a template”.
  • Enter the payment date and pay period. You can now navigate between the report pages using the step progress bar at the beginning of each page.
  • Enter any data changed after the previous report and submit the report.

There is an error in my report

The web form helps you enter your data, and some of the data is checked immediately. If any data you have entered is incorrect or missing, an error notification will be shown to you. 

There are three types of error notifications:

  • A warning icon in the progress bar: something needs to be corrected on the indicated page; go back to the page and correct the data.
  • A red frame around a field: an incorrectly completed field or a mandatory field left blank; correct or enter data.
  • An error notification under a frame: the text indicates what you need to correct.

In some situations, data reported at a later stage may change certain data provided earlier to be mandatory. For example, the occupational class becomes mandatory after the income type has been entered.

If you did not enter such data at a previous stage, an error notification will be shown to you. Use the progress bar to enter the missing data.

The final checks are carried out when you submit your report.

  • If your report can be submitted, the service will notify you that your report has been received and that the data will be saved in the Incomes Register.
  • If your report is rejected, notifications of the errors that need to be corrected will be shown in the preview. Correct the necessary data and submit your report again.
Page last updated 4/22/2022