Keep your authorisation for the Incomes Register updated ‒ authorisation may expire this year


Your authorisation for the Incomes Register may expire this year if you originally granted or received authorisation for five years. authorisations were deployed in the Incomes Register in autumn 2018.

You can act on behalf of a company or organisation if you hold the required official role or a authorisation.

If you cannot see a specific company or organisation in the e-service, check with the party who granted you the authorisation that you have received the correct type of authorisation and that it is valid. If your authorisation has expired, it must be granted again.

You can check the authorisations granted to you in the e-Authorizations service. Identify yourself in the service, select “Personal mandates” and then “Received mandates”. Expired authorisations are shown in the archive.

Check the validity of authorisations in the e-Authorizations service

Authorisations are maintained in the service

You can grant authorisations for using the Incomes Register’s e-service in the e-Authorizations service. There you can also make changes in authorisations or request an authorisation for yourself.

The e-Authorizations service will automatically propose a five-year validity period for authorisations. You can also change the validity period when granting an authorisation.

You cannot change the end day of a valid authorisation. If you want to extend the validity of an authorisation, grant it again.

No separate notification will be sent when your authorisations expire – you need to ensure that they remain valid. Also, remember to remove any unnecessary authorisations by invalidating them.

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Page last updated 11/20/2023