Observation form for stakeholders

Report a observations during testing

You can use this form to notify the Incomes Register of your observations during testing. The observation form is designed for organisations that are participating in the stakeholder testing of the Incomes Register and testing the technical interface, upload service and e-service.

Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). You will be sent confirmation of the successful submission of the form.

Instructions for filling in an observation form (pdf)

If you observe a severe problem in the stakeholder testing of the Incomes Register, mark "yes". The testing organisation of the Incomes Register will assess the severity of the problem. In severe disturbances the Incomes Register stakeholder testing is discontinued. The Incomes Register will notify the testing stakeholder organisations of the scope and repair schedule of the problem.

Disruption that prevents the system use

Testing party is
Testing subject
Error category

Your opinion is important to us

After the Incomes Register has dealt with your request, you receive the answer in an e-mail message. You can give feedback about our services. We gather the feedback through the HappySignals page.

Page last updated 5/11/2022