Testing start notification

With this form, you can report the start of stakeholder testing to the Incomes Register.

For field-specific instructions for filling in the form, hover the mouse cursor over the field in question.

If the organisation tests the provision of both earnings and benefits payment data, submit a separate notification for both. If the organisation tests the system as a data provider and data user, submit a separate notification for each role. Please note that only a party that has a statutory right to obtain income data or other data from the Incomes Register for carrying out their duties can test the system as a data user.

Stakeholder testing of the Incomes Register requires acceptance of the terms and conditions of use for the testing environment. The terms and conditions can be accepted at the end of the form.

After submitting the form, the testing contact person will receive a summary of the reported data via email.

Channels used in testing

Testing organisation’s details:

Artificial Business ID used in testing
Accepting the terms and conditions and submitting the notification