You can view messages and paper reports in the e-service archive


Archive, a new feature, will be published in the Incomes Register’s e-service at the end of this year.

From 2022 onwards, the Incomes Register will save reports submitted to the Incomes Register on paper and letters related to errors in them in the archive. For example, if you submit an earnings payment report using a paper form, you can view the form in the archive after it has been received in the Incomes Register. If a report you have submitted on paper contains an error, the letter indicating the error will be available in the archive. The letter will also be sent to you by post.

In addition, guiding messages and targeted notifications sent by the Incomes Register Unit will be saved in the archive. If you request a transcript on a paper form, the order form you filled in will also be saved in the archive.

You will also receive messages regarding the Incomes Register

The Incomes Register Unit sends guiding messages and targeted notifications to payers to improve the quality of data and support the reporting of data in the correct format. Starting from next year, an email notification of a new message will be sent to private individuals or representatives of companies if they have deployed the Messages service. If the Messages service has not been deployed, the Incomes Register Unit’s messages will be sent by post.

The email notification only indicates the header of the Incomes Register Unit’s message. For information security reasons, the notification will not include a direct link to the message. You can read the message by signing in to the Incomes Register’s e-service.

In the e-service archive, you can only read messages sent by the Incomes Register Unit. You cannot send messages to the Incomes Register Unit. If you have any questions about a message you have received, contact our customer service.

Instructions and more detailed descriptions of the Messages service are available on the service website.

Viewing messages and documents in the archive

Messages and reports submitted on a paper form will be available in a single e-service view of the Incomes Register. The archive will display 100 most recent messages or other documents on a single page, with the most recent on top.

Unopened messages and documents will be highlighted in bold on a turquoise background. For reports submitted on a paper form, the report reference will also be shown in a separate column. Each file can only be downloaded once during a single session.

Page last updated 12/21/2021