New Katso test IDs cannot be created Dec 1 2020 onwards

The following functions are no longer available:

  • Set up Katso ID
  • Upgrade a Sub-ID
  • Transfer Master User privileges to self
  • New Sub-ID
  • New Master User

Set up Katso ID

You can set up a Master User for your business if you have the right to sign for the company.

Users outside Finland

Passwords and locked IDs

Re-open locked IDs and Passwords or get a new Password.

Upgrade a Sub-ID

Upgrade a Sub-ID so it becomes a Katso ID.

Transfer Master User privileges to self

Transfer the Master User privileges from the current user to yourself.

Katso Identification System

Katso organisation identification and authorisation management will be a service provided by the Population Register Centre to enable the identification of organisations in e-services [Act on common administrative e-service support services, (571/2016)].  
As a representative of your organization, you can sign in to Katso to set up a Katso ID, manage organization data, manage Sub-IDs and Authorizations.

This service will be provided by the Tax Administration until 31 December 2016 (act 503/2010, section 2 a of act 1247/2013) and by the Population Register Centre as from 1 January 2017 (section 27(4) of act 571/2016).

As the responsibility for providing the service is transferred from one authority to another, the terms and conditions of service use and the privacy statement have been updated to reflect the situation from 1 January 2017 on.

No action is required on the part of the organisations utilising the Katso service or service users.

Tax Administration's Answer Bank

My Katso ID has been locked and I don't have personal network banking ID to unlock the Katso ID. What to do?

You can visit the tax office/point of service to sort out the problem.

If you live outside Finland, please contact our support service to have further information.

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