Set up Katso ID

You can set up a Master User for your business if you have the right to sign for the company.

Users outside Finland

Passwords and locked IDs

Re-open locked IDs and Passwords or get a new Password.

Upgrade a Sub-ID

Upgrade a Sub-ID so it becomes a Katso ID.

Transfer Master User privileges to self

Transfer the Master User privileges from the current user to yourself.

Katso identifiers and the Katso service website

If you have a Katso ID and password, you can log in to various official e-services as a representative of your business. In addition to business companies, many other corporations, public organisations (such as municipalities) and estates of deceased persons can use Katso. As an alternative, you can give an authorisation electronically to someone else – typically, an accountant or an accounting firm – to act on your behalf.

Katso is a means of strong identification as it consists of a user ID, a password and a one-time password. Katso identifiers are free of charge.

When you log in to the Katso website, you can manage your Katso ID, change your password, print out a list of passwords, etc. In addition, if you are a Master User at your organisation, you can create Katso sub-IDs for your employees and manage them. You can also grant and receive authorisations.

Some statistics

  • The Katso service had, on 30 September 2019, organizations 436,430 registrations and Katso IDs 471,340 issued.
  • At present, the Katso identification code permits the user to sign in to 104 different e-services.
  • In 2017, 11,3 million sign-in events to e-services with Katso IDs were recorded.