New Katso IDs cannot be created Dec 1 2020 onwards

The following functions are no longer available:

  • Set up Katso ID
  • Upgrade a Sub-ID
  • Transfer Master User privileges to self
  • New Sub-ID
  • New Master User

You can also print the one-time password list through the “Passwords and Locked IDs” feature on the front page. Confirm your identity electronically by personal network banking ID, mobile certificate or certificate card.

Set up Katso ID

You can set up a Master User for your business if you have the right to sign for the company.

Users outside Finland

Passwords and locked IDs

Re-open locked IDs and Passwords or get a new Password.

Upgrade a Sub-ID

Upgrade a Sub-ID so it becomes a Katso ID.

Transfer Master User privileges to self

Transfer the Master User privileges from the current user to yourself.

Use of Katso service will be discontinued

Katso identification and authorisation will gradually be discontinued and each authority will communicate information about the changes taking place in its own e-services.

More information on the dates of the changes and the required measures will be available on the website of the authority providing the e-service in question.

Some statistics

  • The Katso service had, on 31 December 2019, organizations 440,170 registrations and Katso IDs 477,400 issued.
  • At present, the Katso identification code permits the user to sign in to 104 different e-services.
  • In 2017, 11,3 million sign-in events to e-services with Katso IDs were recorded.