The Positive credit register’s e-service for lenders has opened 2 October


The Positive credit register’s e-service has been opened on 2 October 2023. Lenders can sign up for the register as data notifiers between 2 October and 30 November. In addition, lenders can use the e-service to apply for a data permission and to submit their contact information. The log-in button to the e-service can be found from Positive credit register's front page.

If the lender cannot use the e-service, then another channel may be used to apply for a data permission. In that case, contact the Positive credit register’s customer service. You can find the contact information on the Positive credit register's website.

The Positive credit register's telephone service was opened to lenders on 4 September 2023. The customer service helps lenders with authorisations, the use of the e-service, and the requesting of certificates.

Lenders will start reporting previously granted and new consumer credits to the register on 1 February 2024. Data will be shared with lenders and authorities as of 1 April 2024. On the same date, the e-service will also be opened to private individuals.

More information:

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Page last updated 10/2/2023