New documents on the requesting of credit register extracts available


On 20 March 2023, the Project to establish a positive credit register published new documents related to the requesting of credit register extracts:

We have also updated the description of the API for reporting loan contract information and sent a list of the changes to stakeholders by email. Also new processing rules and message examples regarding the requesting of the credit register extract have been added to the existing documents.

The documents are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

If you have any questions or comments on the published documentation, please send email to luottotietorekisteri (a) Questions and answers will be discussed in stakeholder events in Finnish on 4 April at 2.30–4 pm and in English on 13 April at 2–3.30 pm.

As work on the register progresses, the published documents may still change. For example, when the stakeholder testing begins in May 2023, things that need to be changed may be detected. If changes affecting the technical implementation are made to the API description or the instructions, updated versions of the documents will be published on the Positive credit register's website. The stakeholders will be notified of the changes by email. The notifications will be sent to the stakeholder mailing list. To join, please send an email message to luottotietorekisteri (a)

Page last updated 3/20/2023