Instructions on signing up as a data notifier and on applying for a data permission are now available


The launch of the Positive credit register is approaching. Starting 2 October 2023, lenders can sign up as notifiers of loan contract data and apply for data permissions needed to request credit register extracts. Parties with the reporting obligation must sign up as data notifiers between 2 October and 30 November 2023. A data permission, on the other hand, is a precondition for the use of data recorded in the Positive credit register.

These instructions provide guidance on the lenders’ obligation to sign up to the Incomes Register Unit. The instructions describe who are obliged to sign up for the register under the Act on the Positive Credit Register, and what kind of loans they are required to report. The instructions describe how to sign up as a party with the reporting obligation.

These instructions provide guidance on how lenders can apply for a permission to use the Positive credit register’s data. Information is also provided on the data permission, the purposes of use of the data, and who is eligible for the data permission.

Both instruction documents apply to the first rollout stage of the Positive credit register. In the first stage, starting 1 February 2024, data on consumer credits and loans comparable to them is reported to the register. As of 1 April 2024, lenders can use the Positive credit register’s data in consumer lending.

Page last updated 8/10/2023