Using a motor vehicle in Finland if you are a student

If you have permanent residence outside Finland, you may import for your personal use under temporary exemption from car tax a motor vehicle registered outside Finland and use it for an uninterrupted period of no more than 6 months or for an interrupted period of no more than 12 months. 

The time limits do not apply if you have permanent residence outside Finland and you are staying in Finland solely for the purpose of studying at a university or another education institution. In that case, you may use the vehicle that you have imported for your personal use as long as you stay in Finland solely for the purpose of studying.

However, you must notify the Finnish Tax Administration of the matter before the expiry of the time limit and you must also provide details of you studies each term or as requested by the Finnish Tax Administration.

Submitting the notification

You should submit the notification on the form Notification of the use of a vehicle in Finland by an importer permanent resident abroad, who is living in Finland solely for study at a university or college. You must attach copies of the following documents to the notification:

  • official identification (passport, driving licence or official identity card)
  • vehicle registration certificate
  • motor liability insurance certificate
  • document showing your right to study/attendance certificate
  • extract from the study register (not required for the first notification)

Car Tax Act (Finlex, in Finnish and Swedish)