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Tax-exempt use of a motor vehicle registered in an EEA country (max. 14 days)

If your permanent residence is Finland, and you bring a motor vehicle with you from another country of the European Economic Area, you and your family members can drive the vehicle tax-exempt for a temporary period. For purposes of this rule, family members are your spouse and children. It is also required that they live in the same household with you.

You can operate the vehicle for no more than 14 consecutive days once in a calendar year under the following conditions:

  • Its country of vehicle registration is an EEA or EU country.
  • It has a valid motor liability insurance.

Submit the declaration of tax-exempt use before you start driving the vehicle in Finland. However, in some circumstances, the declaration is not needed – for example, if your place of permanent residence is a foreign country, and you take the vehicle with you when you arrive in Finland as a tourist.

Submit a declaration of tax-exempt use in MyTax

MyTax opens on the Your tax types tab. First select the All tax types tab, then Activities relating to car tax. Then click the link for Declaration of tax-exempt use.

After you submit the declaration via MyTax, a confirmation letter from the Tax Administration appears in your MyTax inbox. It is an acknowledgement of receipt. The letter will also be sent to you by post.

Keep your confirmation letter with you in the vehicle, either as a paper print-out or available on the display of a mobile device. This way, you can present it to the police or Customs if necessary.

Note: Please note that the letter is not a statement of approval regarding tax-exempt use. It is your responsibility to make sure, beforehand, that the legal requirements for exemption are fully satisfied. If they are not, the motor vehicle is subject to car tax. You can request an advance ruling on how the act on car tax is applied to the tax assessment of your vehicle. Read more about requests for an advance ruling.

If you cannot log in to MyTax to send the declaration, complete and submit Form 1230 (Declaration of 14 days of tax-exempt use of EEA vehicle, available on paper in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish). You will receive the confirmation letter by post. It is sent to the address you have indicated.