Checklist for importing a motor vehicle to Finland

We recommend that you make sure to have the following specific details ready in advance:

  • the current registered owner
  • vehicle identification number and kilometre reading
  • type approval information from the certificate of registration
  • information on CO2 values from the certificate of registration
    • You can find both NEDC- and WLTP-values from the Certificate of Conformity
  • information on how you are allowed to transport or drive the vehicle in the country where you bought it in order to transfer it
  • information on how de-registration in the country where you bought the vehicle must be done
  • whether a foreign temporary registration for purposes of transfer is required
  • what kind of motor liability insurance will be required in Finland.

You can see the owner details, vehicle identification number and CO2 omissions on the vehicle’s foreign registration certificate. You will also need a copy or a photograph of the foreign registration certificate for taxation purposes.

More information on registration of a vehicle is available at any test station in Finland and from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom.

The Tax Administration cannot provide preliminary calculations or estimates on the probable level of car tax. 

You can estimate the amount of car tax yourself.

VAT on a new means of transport is 24%. You need to pay it, in addition to car tax, when you import a new vehicle into Finland from another EU country, and

  • the vehicle is supplied less than six months after the date of first entry into service or
  • the vehicle has less than 6,000 km on its odometer.

More detailed information on VAT on new means of transport.