Car tax relief

Car tax relief means that the applicant is relieved, either fully or in part, of paying car tax on certain conditions. A relief decision can also be used to lower a penalty interest, a tax increase, a late payment interest, tax surcharges or interest due to a respite. Relief can be applied for both before and after a tax has been levied. Tax relief can be granted if there is a special reason for it.

Applying for relief will not interrupt the collection of outstanding taxes. Collection will only be interrupted if relief is granted and only on the part that the relief concerns. A decision will be given in writing for relief applications. This decision cannot be appealed against. If an appeal or claim for adjustment in the same matter is pending, relief will not be granted, and the relief application will be rejected. The applicant can apply for relief again after the appeal or claim for adjustment is resolved.

Application instructions

Applications for relief are sent to the Tax Administration's address:

Tax Administration / Car Taxation
PL 40, 00052 Vero

  1. Submit a free-form application in writing.
  2. Specify in the application the reason and the vehicle for which relief is being applied.
  3. Be precise when specifying the vehicle and preferably enclose a copy of the registration documents of the vehicle.
  4. Submit your name and your address as well as your phone number or e-mail address with the application.
  5. Sign the application.
  6. If the application was drafted by an agent, the power of attorney must be enclosed with the application.