Mileage as grounds for taxation

The odometer reading is not sufficient proof of the actual mileage of a vehicle, as it is often also influenced by the condition of the vehicle and other individual properties. The actual mileage of the vehicle for taxation purposes is determined based on the odometer reading and other available proof. The following are examples of such proof:

  • the vehicle’s maintenance records
  • data on the vehicle’s previous owners
  • proof of the vehicle possibly being in professional use

Mileage averages are used in estimating the actual mileage:

  • passenger cars 18 800 km / year
  • delivery van 14 700 km / year
  • motorcycles 7 300 km / year

Determining mileage for the purpose of taxation

Fill in and submit the following regarding the vehicle:

  1. a tax declaration
  2. a specification form for declaring the odometer reading of the vehicle and the actual mileage.

Forms for car tax


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