How to give a Tax Return in MyTax

You can enter corrections and additions to your pre-completed tax return in MyTax. Use your e-bank codes or a mobile certificate to log in. If you give the information online via MyTax, do not send the form or its enclosures back to us.  

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Let us know some of your tax-return information already now

Many details that concern the 2019 tax year can be entered in MyTax already now. The information you can enter and save already now includes for example: deductible travel expenses, the credit for household expenses, any deductions for a second home in another district because of your work, information on rental income, information on capital gains and losses from the sale of property (other than corporate stock and securities).

Please note that the rest of the contents of your tax return, mainly your annual employment income and any capital gains and capital losses from your trading with securities can be dealt with after you receive your pre-completed tax return or when MyTax starts displaying the return for you online in March or April 2020.

When you enter the details, please choose the correct tax year.
If you give details for the tax return of 2019, choose the year 2019.

You can enter the following details and information in MyTax already now 

  • Rental income
  • Amounts of capital gains and losses for the sale of property other than corporate stock and other securities
  • Commuting and travel expenses
  • Expenses for the production of income
  • Tax credit for household expenses
  • Deduction for second home for work
  • Deduction due to maintenance payments
  • Deduction for a reduced capacity to pay taxes
  • Deduction for income from donated forest
  • The deductions granted to taxpayers in the Åland Islands (Form 17)
  • Permanent separation from spouse
  • Request for child increase to your credit for a deficit in capital income
  • Request for deduction of losses from capital income.