How to make corrections to a pre-completed tax return in MyTax

The pre-completed tax returns are in MyTax.

Go to MyTax

Use your e-bank codes or a mobile certificate to log in. If you give the information online via MyTax, do not send the form or its enclosures back to us. 

MyTax does not have any numbered forms to send. Instead, users can fill in their tax-return information under various sub-headings. For example, if you want to claim expenses to entitle you to the tax credit for household costs, go to “Deductions”. MyTax does not have a Form 14A, or Form 14B.

When you use MyTax to make corrections and additions, you have all the time available to you up to the final day of your deadline. You can file the information and amounts in one session, or in several different sessions at different times. If you want to continue filing your tax return later, click Save as unfinished or Submit. This way, the details you have entered will be saved in MyTax.

You can make changes and additions to your tax return in MyTax even after the due date. Please note that if you file details late, you may have to pay a late-filing penalty. See the instructions and report the details as soon as you can!

If you have not made additions to the tax return or corrected it, you do not need to submit it. If you do submit the return, the end date of your tax assessment may be postponed and a possible tax refund will be paid to you later than previously indicated.

How to submit information for your tax return

  1. You can check your tax return by clicking the link under “Note” or by selecting “Tax returns and tax information” under Activities.

  2. Select the year 2019.

  3. Select “Pre-completed tax return” under “Income tax”.

  4. Select "Correct".

  5. In the first stage, you will see your own details. Proceed to stage 2. Pre-completed income and deductions.

    You can navigate in MyTax by selecting “Next” or “Previous” or, alternatively, by clicking an item of your choice in the stage path.

  6. Go through stages 23 and 4 and check the details that have already been entered in your tax return. If the details are correct and no details are missing, you do not need to send back the tax return.

  7. If you have corrected or added any details, submit the tax return. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

    Please note: If you want to continue filing your tax return later, click Save as unfinished or Submit. This way, the details you have entered will be saved in MyTax. You can submit new details as many times as you want before the deadline. If you have not made any corrections or additions to the tax return, do not click Submit.

Check your bank account number

Please submit your bank details if you have not done so yet or if the number has changed. The Tax Administration's database can only have one bank account number for an individual taxpayer. See advice: How to submit a bank account number in MyTax

MyTax also allows you to submit the bank account number of your underage child. Young people under 18 can also submit their own account number, by logging in to MyTax with a mobile certificate if they have one.

Read on submitting the bank account number of an estate.

Frequently asked questions

When you add or correct something in MyTax, it is usually not required of you to add any enclosures or attachments. It is enough if you just save the receipts, vouchers and other documentation, and enter the amount – how many euros to deduct, for example – in the appropriate field. The Tax Administration will ask for more information if necessary. For example, you may have to give more information later about a household expense or about your expenses for the production of income.

Some of the fields contain a feature that allows you to add attachments (e.g. some commuting expenses and travel expenses in special sectors of work, or the sale of corporate shares and other securities). For these fields, you will see the words Attachments and “Add file”.