Tax cards for employment income

The withholding rate on your new tax card depends on what you have earned so far and on how much has been withheld on it so far. You must choose whether you want an income ceiling that concerns each pay period separately or a single income ceiling for the entire year.

A new tax card is always a revision, in other words, you are expected to replace your old card with it. When you ask for a tax card, you must tell us what you have earned so far since January 1st and how much has been withheld on it. We use these details when we calculate your withholding for the rest of the year.


Revise your tax card or change your prepayments

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How to order a tax card only for benefits in MyTax

How to order a tax card for pay and benefits in MyTax

Other ways to request for a tax card

Make sure you hand over the tax card to your employer at an early stage, preferably some two weeks in advance of your next payday. If you fail to give your employer the card, they must withhold 60% of your pay. Any extra withholding collected that way will be paid back as a tax refund, if it is not given back to you otherwise.

If you must raise the annual income ceiling before the calendar year is over, we advise you to ask for a new tax card in good time before your income reaches the current ceiling value.

No new tax card is necessary for January

After the New Year, the standard tax cards that are automatically sent to all individual taxpayers become effective on 1 February. This means that your card for the previous calendar year continues to be valid in January. However, the accumulation of income towards your income ceiling has started from zero after New Year, although you continue to use the tax card for the previous year.

For example: If your employer pays you the salary for December 2018 during January 2019, the calculation will not take your 2018 income into account, and you do not have to worry about whether the 2018 income ceiling is reached or not. The ceiling is now being calculated for 2019 only. The date of payment determines the year of income taxation.