Income and deductions used for calculating the tax rate for 2021

You will receive your tax card for 2021 in December 2020 or January 2021, both in MyTax and by post. The card will come into force on 1 February 2021. The percentage rate on your 2021 card is based on the income and deductions recorded in your tax assessment for 2019.

If you have requested a revised tax card for 2020, your rate for 2021 has been calculated according to the information you gave for the revised tax card.

The income and deductions used for calculating the tax rate are shown in the tax decision enclosed with the tax card.

Tax rate on capital income

As a rule, capital income of less than €7,000 is taken into account in your tax card’s rate. The rate may be higher because of this, but no separate payment is generated for capital income (such as rental income).

Tax base details for 2021

The following have been taken into account when determining the tax rates for 2021:

  • State income tax schedule 2021 (in Finnish and Swedish)
  • List of income tax rates of municipalities and church parishes in 2020  (in Finnish and Swedish)
  • health care contribution on wage income 0.68 %, on pension and benefit income and other income 1.65% 
  • daily allowance contribution 0.00% if wage income or work income is less than €14,766 and 1.36% if the income is €14.766 or more
  • deduction for the production of income €750, no more than the amount of wage income
  • earned income deduction from wage income and business income in municipal taxation, no more than €3,570
  • work income deduction from wage income and business income, no more than €1,840
  • deduction for travel expenses, no more than €7,000 for the part exceeding the €750 credit threshold
  • interest on a home loan or loan relating to the production of income. You can deduct 10% of the interest on a home loan.
  • trade union fees and payments to unemployment funds
  • tax-deductible voluntary pension insurance contributions
  • deduction based on the employee’s pension insurance contribution (7.15% or 8.65%) and unemployment insurance contribution (1.40%) (your employer withholds the contribution from net wages and the corresponding amount is deducted in taxation)
  • public broadcasting tax 2.5% if income is €14,000 or more
  • Åland Islands media fee is €110 if the income is more than €14,000
  • additional tax on pension income 5.85% if pension income exceeds €47,000
  • basic deduction in municipal taxation €3,630

See the instructions for requesting a new tax card

Withholding data is delivered to employers electronically

You do need not give a printed tax card to your employer if the employer has already received the withholding data electronically from the Tax Administration.