How to request tax cards for pension and wage income in MyTax

In order to make a tax card, you need information on your income and deductions. Make sure you have your pension decision at hand.

Requesting a tax card involves many stages.

  • You can move to the next stage by clicking Next.
  • You can return to the previous stage by clicking Previous.
  • If you wish to continue later, select Save as unfinished.

How to use MyTax


  1. Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

    This requires electronic identification. You can log in to MyTax with your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

  2. Select Tax cards and prepayments under Activities.

  3. Click Request a new tax card

    You are submitting a request for tax cards for pension and for wage income.

  4. Go to Tax year selection. If you need a new tax card for the ongoing year, select Tax card for the current year. This option is displayed if it is also possible to make a tax card for the next year in MyTax.

  5. You will now see your details. Check that the details are correct. Proceed to the next stage, Pre-completed income and deductions.

  6. Fill in the field Pay and fringe benefits

    Check that the income details are correct and make changes if necessary. 

    Estimate your total gross income for the year, i.e. income without tax.
    Include all wages, holiday bonuses, etc.

    Include the wages you have received during the year, and also include wages yet to be received.
    Enter the amount withheld so far during the year, i.e. the amount of tax is euros.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Other income.

  7. Have your pension decision at hand and go to Pensions. Select Yes to submit pension details. 

  8. Click Add new pension

  9. Select the pension payor’s name from the menu.
    Also select the pension type, such as old-age pension.

    Look up the following details in the pension decision and enter then into the tax card form:

    • start and end date for the pension payments in the current year
    • do you receive pension every month
    • amount of pension in euros per month.

    If you are requesting a new tax card in the middle of the year, also report the following:

    • pension received so far during the year
    • tax withheld on the pension from January up until the current day, i.e. how much tax you have paid on your pension so far during the year.
      (also report any pension you have received for a previous year, if it has been paid out this year).
  10. If you are requesting periodisation of pension income, select Yes. Enter the start and end date of the period, and the amount of pension.

    You can request periodisation if you have received at least €500 in pension during the year and the pension concerns a period of 3 months or more prior to the tax year.

    Once the details are correct, click OK.

  11. You will see a summary of the details you have entered.
    If the details are correct, proceed to the next stage. If you want to correct details, go back by clicking Previous. 

  12. If you have other income, report it next. 

    Example: If you receive rental income, select Yes to submit details.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Other deductions.

  13. Report your deductions. 

    If you want to file tax credit for household expenses, select “Yes” at “Tax credit for household expenses”. (See the instructions How to file tax credit for household expenses in MyTax.)

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Delivery method.

  14. Select the date when you want the tax card to become valid and the delivery method.

    You can choose to receive the tax card only in MyTax or, if you wish, it can also be sent by mail to your home address.

    The tax card is sent directly to the pension payor. You can always check the details of your pension tax card in your mailbox in MyTax.

    You can always check the details of your tax card for wage income in MyTax under Tax cards and prepayments.

    MyTax calculates separate tax cards for your pension and for wage income. Both tax cards will have the same tax rate.

  15. Recheck all the information. If you find any errors, correct them before submitting the request. You can go back to earlier stages by clicking Previous.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished. The Tax Administration will not process the request until you have submitted it.

  16. Once all the tax card details are correct, select Submit.

    If you added or corrected details, remember to submit the tax card request. Click Submit. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us.

    The tax card will be sent directly to the pension payor. The tax card details are always displayed in MyTax.

Request a tax card in MyTax

You can also request a tax card in other ways:

  • Call our service number 029 497 000. The call is subject to a charge.
  • Visit a tax office. See the contact details of local tax offices.

Request a new tax card for next year, if necessary

In subsequent years, the pension payor will receive your withholding information directly from the Tax Administration.

Please note, however, that if you retire in November or December, you will also need a tax card for pension income for the following year. This is because the Tax Administration does not receive your pension information in time for the following year’s tax assessment.

At the turn of the year, you will receive a tax card decision by post. There you can check whether we have already determined a withholding rate for your pension income.

Information about the tax card and tax rate for pension income