How to request a revised tax card for 2020 in MyTax

  1. Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

    This requires electronic identification. You can log in to MyTax with your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

  2. Select Tax cards and prepayments under Activities.

  3. You will see the details on your valid tax card. When you select Open tax card, you will see your current card. You can save or print it.

  4. If you want to make changes to your tax card, select Request a new tax card.

  5. You will now see your details. Please check that the information is correct. Proceed to the next stage, Pre-completed income and deductions.

  6. Check your income details. You can see the details reported to the Incomes Register by clicking Incomes Register data.

    Make the necessary changes. Select whether you are reporting details on your pay and withholdings or using the details in the Incomes Register. If you are reporting the details, enter the pay you have received since the start of the year and the tax that has been withheld on it.

  7. If your estimate of the pay has changed, select whether you are reporting an estimate for the entire year or for the rest of the year. Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Other income.

  8. If you have other income, report it next.

    Example: If you receive rental income, select Yes to submit details.

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Other deductions.

  9. Report your deductions and tax credit here.

    For example, if you want to file commuting expenses, select Yes for Travel expenses. (See instructions for filing travel expenses in MyTax)

    Once everything is correct, proceed to the next stage, Delivery method.

  10. Select the date when you want the tax card to become valid and the delivery method.

    You can choose to receive the tax card only in MyTax or, if you wish, it can also be sent by mail to your address or your employer’s address.

    Proceed to Preview and send.

  11. Recheck all the information. If you find any errors, correct them before submitting the request. You can make corrections by clicking Edit.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished. The Tax Administration will not process the tax return before you have submitted it.

  12. Submit. Once all the tax card details are correct, select Submit.

    If you added or corrected details, remember to submit the tax card request. Click Submit. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us.

    The new tax card will be delivered to the recipient of your choice. The tax card details are always displayed in MyTax, in the section Tax cards and prepayments.